In The Netherlands, maternity care is covered by basic health insurance that everyone has. You will have to pay your own*contribution of 4,80 euro per hour (2023).

Some additional insurance policies (partially) cover this as well. Please consult your insurance provider for details. In order to make things easier for you, we will handle all the financial details with them. Depending on your type of insurance, you may receive a bill from us for your own contribution. If yours is the kind of insurance that pays out cash with which you pay the invoices care providers send you, or if it is insurance from a foreign provider, we will send you an invoice for all costs incurred. The matter of financial cover in such cases is strictly between you and your insurance provider. The rates for elements of maternity care are determined by the NZa, The Dutch Healthcare Authority.

For 2023, these are the rates that apply:

Per hour of maternity care                €  59,33
Per hour of postpartum assistance €   59,33
Per registration                                   €   14,91
Per intake meeting
− at client’s home                               € 100,61
− by telephone                                    €   42,44
Postpartum assistance                      €   69,55